Sorry - All Captain positions filled for Fair Haven

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Parents and children can participate as a Dermer Dreams Neighborhood Captain.  You and your children will become the captain of 35 homes in Fair Haven and are required to do the following:

1. Deliver the Dermer Dreams bags to each one of the 35 homes on your list and explain the program to the resident on Saturday, November 16th or Sunday, November 17th.  If they are not home, you will leave the bag on the front door or mailbox.

2.  If you are available when the trucks arrive, be ready on collection day November 23rd or November 24th to assist with delivering the donation bags from the resident's porches to the Dermer Dreams trucks.  This is not required if you are not available when our trucks arrive.  

You and your kids can celebrate Thanksgiving knowing that you were a big part of delivering someone the meal they need or the coat go on their back.