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Dermer Dreams is a non-profit organization focused on fighting hunger.  


As a residential property manager in New York City, Daniel Dermer developed a food drive program across each one of the buildings his company managed. After Superstorm Sandy, Dermer Dreams donation bags were delivered to residents with instructions and a requested donation list. Residents were asked to deliver their donation bags, filled with one or more of the items, to their building lobby on a specific date and time. The Dermer Dreams team circles the city in trucks to collect the bags and delivers the donations directly to the food banks.

The goal of the program was to simplify the donation process so people who wanted to give to people in need were provided a simple way to do it. The program took off in New York City and we raised over 30,000 pounds off food that was delivered to shelters and food banks.

We did not stop here. Dermer Dreams expanded into New Jersey in 2019 where the Dermer Dreams food drive collected 24,633 pounds of food from the residents of Fair Haven, NJ and the surrounding towns. 

In 2020, we launched the Neighborhood Captain program that allows students to manage their own Dermer Dreams food drive. Upon completion of the work, the student receive a certificate confirming that they fulfilled the charity requirement for their university, honor society or other organization.

Our dream is to expand across the state, one county at a time. 

The Inspiration Behind Dermer Dreams

The Inspiration Behind Dermer Dreams

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